POLITICAL PARTY SYMBOL ALLOTMENT (U/r Para 10-A, 10B) Election Symbol Reservation and Allotment Order, 1968

As per the provision of the Election Symbol (Reservation and Allotment) Order, 1968, for a Political Party (unrecognised) seeking/availing symbols from the records of free symbols of Election Commission of India , Para 10 (B) Annexure-I and II signed by the authorised person of the party (National president/ National Chief General Secretary) are required to be submitted before the Election Commission of India.

For that the name of the signatory should match from the records of the commission else it would be rejected. It is clarified that both Annexure-I and II shall bear the original signatures and the same shall be executed in front of Notary Public/First Class Magistrate.

YUGANTAR LEGALS provide detail paperwork for grant of Symbols from the Election Commission of India.

YUGNATAR LEGALS Deals with paperwork of -

  1. Concession to candidates set u by a State party at elections in other States or Union Territories.
  2. Declaration of Nomination paper of such candidates.
  3. Concession to candidates set up by an unrecognised party which was earlier recognised as a National or State party.
  4. Exclusive allotment of symbols to such candidates
  5. Determining the choice of symbols as prescribed under Para 12 of Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) Orders, 1968
  6. Substitution of a Candidate by a Political Party- by providing revised notice as per Form B in Para 13 A of Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment Order),1968